Who is "Tom"

Out of all the endless hours I've spent working on my websites this is probably the hardest thing I've done...writing this.

But, to those who may be skeptical (and I don't blame you) I felt I needed to say something.

I grew up with a strong work ethic.  I'm in my 60s and working since I was 9yrs old. To tell you the truth, I love to work, but I can't anymore because I'm totally disabled.  I can still "work", but due to a fried immune system I need to work remotely so I don't expose myself to the masses and pick up something my body cannot fight.  I can probably handle a cold but the flu would probably land me in the hospital and to quote my oncologist "If you get Covid you'll die".  What a refreshing thought!  Unfortunately, I can't find work. I've been trying to find a data entry job for nearly 3 years!!  I actually thought it would be easy...but it's been the opposite.

Here's why this is so tough for me.

First, I could easily put up a GoFundMe page.  Even though I have insurance I've been totally wiped out even after decades of working.  Cancer will do that! We're talking millions of dollars.  One of my monthly injections is around $30k (yea, you heard that right) and with no cure for blood cancer this will go on for the rest of my life. 

I did everything right along the way, but cancer takes no prisoners.  As far as the GoFundMe page is concerned I can't do that for a couple reasons.  First is Pride and the second is my work ethic.  I don't like "taking" without "giving back".  This is why I'm offering recipes for donations.  I'm not going to "sell" them for a couple reasons.  First, recipes on the web are a dime a dozen plus I don't want to get involved with the convoluted mess it would create with taxes...thus the "donation" part of this.  My recipes are FREE, but a donation would be extremely helpful...more than you can imagine.

Back to the "Pride" thing.  There's another reason I only use my first name on the web site, i.e. Tom.  Yes, my name is Tom, but it's a bit embarrassing for me to have a web site to take donations.  Why?  Because a lot of people know me.  I was on television for decades.  I'll just leave it at that.

(DISCLAIMER: The "Tom" referenced here IS NOT "Tom Brokaw".  I feel obligated to state this because he has been very "public" with his condition.   We are/were in the same business and both of us have Multiple Myeloma so it might be easy to infer the wrong person.)

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I'm at an incredible disadvantage because there's no way I can compete with the big sites. 
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